Using ergonomic can opener can reduce hand fatigue and promote comfort

Top 5 Tips for Left-Handers - Maximise your Potential!

Being left-handed can sometimes feel like an uphill battle!  From struggling with upside-down equipment to dealing with discomfort and frustration, it's important to have good strategies in place to help make your experience smoother and more satisfying. 
We've listed below our Top 5 Tips to help you to navigate the challenges we as lefties face every day, and to maximize your potential as a left-hander in a right-handed world 🤩
  1. Use the correct tools to minimise wrist and hand fatigue. 
    Investing in left-handed tools designed specifically for your needs or the needs of your left-handed child can create amazing benefits.  From scissors to ergonomic computer mice, using the correct equipment designed especially for you can significantly reduce frustration and make tasks much easier to accomplish.

  2. Improve handwriting. 
    Practice writing techniques that work best for left-handers, such as using ergonomic pens and pencils and quick-drying pens.  Not only will you avoid smudging your writing, you will also find that strain and discomfort becomes significantly reduced.  This in turn will enhance the legibility of your writing as you become accustomed to using writing implements that are designed just for you.

  3. Boost confidence and speed.
    Build your confidence with consistent practice of using your left-handed tools and techniques.  As you become accustomed to using left-handed equipment, you will naturally become faster and more efficient in completing tasks.

  4. Prioritise safety. 
    As well as reducing strain and fatigue, equipment specifically designed for left-handers gives you better visibility of your work.  Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the grip and handle significantly improves control and maneuverability of the equipment, thus also increasing comfort and efficiency.  

  5. Focus on comfort. 
    Using products designed for left-handers can significantly increase comfort by aligning with the natural movement of your hand, thus enabling longer periods of usage.
By implementing these tips, you can reduce frustration, boost confidence, improve comfort and safety, and enhance your overall experience as a left-hander.
Studies Undertaken regarding Left-Handed Children
Studies suggest left-handed children can benefit from using left-handed equipment. Children who used left-handed scissors performed better on cutting tasks and reported less fatigue and discomfort than those using right-handed scissors, plus children who used left-handed writing tools showed significant improvements in handwriting speed and legibility compared to those using right-handed tools.  In addition, a published study in the journal 'Laterality' found that using non-preferred hand equipment caused more errors and slower reaction times compared to using preferred hand equipment.
Embrace and celebrate your left-handness 🥳

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Left-handed and proud :-)