Solving left-handed problems in a right-handed world


Struggling in a right-handed world? You are not alone, and you
no longer need to struggle! You are not doing it wrong,
you are just not using a left-handed version.
This is where we can help!

Unlocking Accessibility and Independence

Left-handed products are ergonomically made for left-handers,
making them safe, comfortable and easier to use.
Left-hand products can be beneficial and also empower your journey towards recovery and general well-being.
If you are struggling with right-handed goods, look no further.
Our left-handed range, including can openers, peelers, pens and scissors, can help arthritis sufferers, stroke survivors and more.
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  • Scissors have the blades reversed so the top blade is always on the left, making it easier for cutting;  

    A bread knife with the serrations on the right side of the blade will ensure you cut bread straight rather than creating door step slices.

  • Left-handed rulers are numbered from right to left (the same way a left-handed person draws a line from right to left).

    Pens are specially designed for left-handers who push the pen nib across the page (right-handers pull the pen across the page). 

Owner Alyson of Elite Left products for left-handers in New Zealand

Owned and Operated in New Zealand

Based in Christchurch, NZ, lefty owner Alyson Harris has experienced the struggle of using right-handed products.  Establishing an on-line retail shop selling goods that are ergonomic and made entirely for left-handers seemed the best way to solve this problem for lefties everywhere.

About Us
  • You may think that kitchen knives, garden equipment, pens, etc, are all generic and easy to use for right-handers as well as left-handers, right?  Wrong!  There are many reasons why using the proper equipment made for the left-hand will make your life so much easier.   


As proud finalists in the 2023 NZ Small Business Awards, we're thrilled to support and serve the left-handed community with our exceptional range of products tailored just for you!