About Elite Left

Elite Left was founded in 2021 by Alyson Harris, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Keen to raise awareness of our left-handed goods, we are happy to come and speak to larger groups/organisations, demonstrate our products, explore how left-handed goods can benefit the organisation, and share the story behind Elite Left.

"Being left-handed, I have experienced difficulty of using right-handed versions of products. From using a tape measure upside-down to scissors with my thumb in the large hole and fingers in the small, it has been a struggle! Upon speaking to fellow left-handers, I knew I wasn’t alone in this plight. After all, it is a right-handed world out there!"

Alyson Harris, founder of Elite Left who sell quality left-handed products from New Zealand.

As part of the 10% of the population who are left-handed, I decided enough was enough, and I felt I needed to make a different for all those left-handers (like myself) out there. Establishing an on-line retail shop selling goods that are made entirely for left-handers seemed the best way to solve this problem for all of us in the left-handed community. It was important to me to help others and finally alleviate this awkwardness that left-handers deal with in everyday life!

From kitchen knives to left-handed sharpeners to garden secateurs, all of these products are designed for the left-hand, and will help you realise that you weren’t bad at cutting, or have to suffer blisters from wrongful use of equipment; you were just using the wrong tools for your left-hand.

Cack-handed; Southpaw; cuddy wifter....Born left, proud to be left 😊