osteoarthritis sufferer, Alyson Harris, talks about her left-handed business

Arthritis NZ Feature: "Hand Pain Sparks a Successful Business Idea."

Thank you to Arthritis NZ for writing about my experiences with osteoarthritis, entitled "Hand Pain Sparks a Successful Business Idea."

When you live with arthritis, every day can be a challenge!  I had always struggled with right-handed products and, when I developed arthritis, this became even more apparent.  I discovered that using left-handed products significantly improved my comfort in performing daily tasks.

After my 3 sons had grown up and left home, I had the idea of developing Elite Left Limited and helping fellow left-handers like myself to lead more comfortable lives. 

"Around the age of 40, I began experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis, primarily affecting the joints in my fingers and wrists, particularly my thumbs. This condition brought along the persistent discomfort associated with simple tasks like using a pincer grip and gradually changed the shape of my hands and fingers...."

Elite Left Limited is unlocking accessibility and independence by providing ergonomic, easy to use and comfortable products for all left-handers. 

Our ergonomic products can offer significant benefits for arthritis sufferers, especially when using kitchen and gardening utensils, equipment or knives.  See reasons below for how they can help:

Reduced Strain: Products are ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural movement and alignment of the left hand.  This means less strain on joints and muscles, as the ergonomic design promotes a more comfortable and effortless grip and motion.

Improved Comfort: Ergonomic handles are often padded or contoured to fit the shape of the hand, providing better support, and minimising discomfort during prolonged use.

Enhanced Control: The ergonomically designed products typically include features like non-slip grips and balanced weight distribution. This improves control and stability, allowing individuals with arthritis to use the equipment with greater precision and confidence.

Minimized Risk of Injury: By reducing strain, improving comfort, and enhancing control, left-handed ergonomic products can help minimise the risk of aggravating arthritis-related symptoms or causing new injuries during daily tasks like cooking or gardening. 

Overall, choosing left-handed ergonomic products can significantly improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers. 

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