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Championing Left-Handers - Elite Left in the Media 2023!

Thanks to Chris Lynch Media for the great write up for Left-Handers Day 2023!

We had a lot of fun filming the video, and had a good chat behind the scenes, as Chris is also left-handed! 

Because of this, I feel Chris was perfect for writing a great article, as he shares the trials and tribulations of living in a world built for right-handers.

"Alyson Harris is a familiar name among some left-handed Kiwis. A proud left-hander herself, Alyson spent a lifetime grappling with right-handed gadgets. "You know, scissors never quite fit, tape measures were always upside down," she laughs. But it's this shared experience that led Alyson to a journey of discovery.

"Ergonomics is at the forefront of Alyson's mission. She's not just selling products but providing solutions that ease everyday discomforts, especially for those with arthritis or other physical struggles.

"Alyson's line doesn't stop at stationery; she's got everything a left-hander might need, from kitchen knives to garden secateurs. “These aren't just tools; they're a revelation, a realisation that left-handers weren't bad at cutting or prone to blisters; they were simply using the wrong tools.

"Using the right equipment for your left hand feels so much better. It's easier, more comfortable, and just" Alyson's journey is more than a business; it's a calling, a way to connect with others who share her left-handed experience. It's about making life a little bit more harmonious for those who've often felt out of place in a right-handed world."

I hope you all had a great Left-Handers Day!  Being left-handed is a gift, embrace it!

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