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The Advantages of Left-Hand Product Use in Children

Being a left-handed child can be a struggle. It can be frustrating to use equipment that is always upside down.  Whether the child is being taught by a right-handed teacher or parent, or finds using right-handed scissors, stationery and equipment difficult, it can be bewildering and confusing for them.

It can be equally difficult for the right-handed parent or teacher to teach a left-handed child the proper use of equipment.

Always remember, the child is not doing it wrong , they are just not using a left-handed version.

The Disadvantages of using Right-Handed Equipment

Discomfort and Fatigue
The child often has to twist their wrist and arm into awkward positions to use tools properly.

Poor Handwriting
Using right-handed writing tools can result in struggling to form letters correctly. This can result in messy or illegible handwriting.

Slower Writing Speed
The child has to take more time to adjust their grip and position of the pen/pencil.

Difficulty in Using Certain Tools
Some tools, such as can openers or scissors, may be more challenging for the child to use safely and effectively.

Now for the good news!

Left-handed equipment use can help the child perform tasks comfortably, efficiently and safely. and this leads to an increase in success and confidence in the classroom and beyond.

The advantages of a left-handed child using left-handed equipment include:

Increased confidence
Having access to left-handed equipment takes the stress away and can help the child feel more included and confident.

Improved Comfort
Left-handed equipment is ergonomically designed to fit the natural hand orientation of left-handed people, thus reducing discomfort and strain on the wrist and arm.

Better Handwriting
When the child uses left-handed writing tools, they can form letters and words more comfortably and naturally.

Increased Speed
Using left-handed tools can help the child write faster and more efficiently, as they don't have to adjust their grip or position.

Safer Tool Use
Left-handed tools, such as scissors or can openers, are designed for left-handed use, making them safer and easier to use.

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