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Empowering Left-Handers - Elite Left in the Media! Left-Handed and Proud!

Thank you to everyone who saw the Stuff article, heard me on several radio shows, including The Breeze, or saw me on TVNZ Breakfast with Matty McLean!  The response has been absolutely amazing and phenomenal!  I am absolutely stoked to be helping all the left-handers with the opening of my own left-handed online store

I’m passionate about helping the left-handed community.  Seeing the looks on people’s faces when they try a left-handed version of a product that they have been using a right-handed version of for years is priceless!  It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure to be providing this service to, not only New Zealand, but overseas as well.

I’ve had a lot of people respond to me, which is fantastic.  I’m available to chat, and give advice where possible, especially if you have left-handed children, or are looking for ergonomic products that are safe, comfortable a easier to use.

Here’s an excerpt from the Stuff article:

"Sick of trying to adapt to using items designed for right-handed people, a Christchurch woman has opened the country’s only business dedicated to left-handers.

Growing up as a left-handed child, Alyson Harris said she always struggled.

'I couldn’t write without smudging my work; I would always cut bread on an angle, thinking I was useless at cutting bread; I would use a tape measure upside down; and scissors would hurt my hand' she said.

'I researched products and thoroughly looked into starting a business, and eventually got everything together to launch in October 2021' Harris said.

Elite Left’s bestsellers were the left-handed scissors, can openers, tape measures and quick-drying pens."

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Left-handed and proud :-)